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Support For Chronic Illness with Biofield & Holistic Therapies. 

Hi, My name is Seema. I'm of the only Pharmacists in the UK that blends medication with a wide range Biofield Therapies to support those with illness and chronic disease.. 

Why Biofield Therapy?

When living with chronic illness, we can experience many different problems. Biofield Therapy has been examined by 66 clinical studies which resulted in strong evidence supporting pain reduction in chronically ill patients.  Biofield therapy can support you in a range of areas...

Pain Relief

Numerous studies have shown evidence that biofield helps to reduce pain, which includes tension, stiffness associated with chronic illness. 

Fatigue and Energy Problems

Fatigue occurs for those suffering with chronic illness. Biofield reduces fatigue to help you manage your life better each day.

Digestion and Gut

Many chronic illnesses and long term medication use can cause digestive issues. Biofield system can target this directly and work towards rebalancing the long term affects of medication.

Overall Health

Biofield therapy improves coherence within the body's biofield system so that the corresponding physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the body also become more aligned and balanced.

Mood & Focus

Pain reducing mood boosting hormones like serotonin. Biofield therapy can help to reduce your pain and has even been linked to better mental health in patients.

Stress & Anxiety

A study in Health and Medicine (Dec 2017) showed a strong link in reducing psychological stress and chronic pain. Long term illness can cause us much stress, anxiety and trauma. Biofield therapy can help you to manage this.

About Seema

Hi, My name is Seema Bhattessa, MD, and I specialise in regaining health and wellness for those with illness and chronic disease. I'm one of the only Pharmacists in the UK that blends medication with a range Biofield Therapies to help my clients achieve freedom from their conditions. My approach to biofield therapy combines the strengths of my conventional pharmacy background with 10+ years of intensive training in energy medicine. This rare perspective provides me with a unique understanding of an individual’s healthcare needs and goals and singular insight into how these very different forms of therapy can be most effectively integrated to facilitate each client’s highest health and wellness potential.

Do You Feel Like Your Energy Is Blocked?

Try a free consultation online with me so you can start to understand more about your health and how biofield therapy can help you.

About My Services

Distant Reiki Session

I will send Reiki Healing to calm, soothe and ground you, which will bring clarity of mind when you feel confused, overwhelmed or lost.


Crystal Healing Session

This is a crystal healing session using a combination of crystals and universal energy healing to balance the chakras and auras.

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Holistic Health Package

This is a bespoke 8 week programme designed to improve your health in a holistic way through biofield therapies. 

Couldn't recommend Seema more! She did a thorough investigation into my life and health and created a bespoke and holistic programme to help me with my mood, energy and overall wellness. I've suffered with IBS for a while now and this has helped me manage.


My wife recommended Seema to me after I became very tired and unwell from the medication I was taking. She created a programme for me that I could do at home, plus guided me through some therapies online too. It was much more comprehensive than I was expecting and I'm feeling more whole.


I was a bit sceptical about the impact that holistic therapy could really have, but I chose Seema due to her medical background. After distant reiki and guided sessions, I feel more relaxed and my stress is far better managed and my migraines much less frequent.


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