Hi, My name is Seema Bhattessa, and I specialise in regaining health and wellness for those with illness and chronic disease. I'm one of the only Pharmacists in the UK that blends medication with a range Biofield Therapies to help my clients achieve freedom from their conditions. My approach to biofield therapy combines the strengths of my conventional pharmacy background with 10+ years of intensive training in energy medicine. This rare perspective provides me with a unique understanding of an individual’s healthcare needs and goals and singular insight into how these very different forms of therapy can be most effectively integrated to facilitate each client’s highest health and wellness potential.


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Traditional and holistic forms of health and self-care, such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture, are centred around the concept of the human Biofield energetic system. In the Pre-Covid years, these self-care approaches were mostly stand-alone practices or supporting existing conventional healthcare and treatment. During the pandemic and Post-Covid era, holistic and traditional self-care has been and will continue to be essential as it addresses multiple issues-particularly mental and emotional health.


If you are interested in integrated health modalities, Reiki and biofield therapy may be your answer. It’s not about abandoning your prescribed traditional medical plan. Instead, it’s about trying an alternative that can relax your mind and body.​ 

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When energy-flow is blocked, our bodies don't have the resources necessary to repair themselves. Lupus, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many other chronic conditions can all be managed better with better energy flow through the use of biofield therapies. It has been shown that electrically based biofields are able to play a role in the restoration of damaged tissues, and can be used for cell development, repair and regeneration too. 

The NHS has shown particular support for research showing the potential benefits of biofield therapies for chronic diseases and health conditions. Reiki, for example, is recommended by National Health Service Trusts and The Prince of Wales Foundation for Integrated Health for the management of chronic disease. 

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