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My name is Seema, and I specialise in improving health and wellness for those with long-term illnesses and on long-term medication. I blend conventional and traditional healthcare knowledge with a range Biofield practices and Holistic health guidance to help my clients achieve more freedom from their conditions. My approach combines the strengths of my conventional pharmacy background with 10+ years of intensive training in energy medicine. This rare perspective provides me with a unique understanding of an individual’s healthcare needs and goals and singular insight into how these very different forms of therapy can be most effectively integrated to facilitate each client’s highest health and wellness potential.

Different types of medications affect your body in different ways, irrespective of whether taken internally, applied externally, or injected. Their effects can be short-term and long-term. They can influence any aspects of one’s health, such as physical, emotional, and mental.

Some drugs used to treat cancer work by destroying or stopping cells from spreading as they divide. Others restore missing substances in our biochemistry or restore inadequate natural body chemicals like hormones. Pharmaceuticals may also influence systems in the body that regulate biological, mental, or emotional (mood) functions.


Either way, pharmaceuticals undergo a process of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. When taken long term, the body’s organs and systems will benefit from support offered through Holistic health and Biofield therapies.

Managing chronic illnesses can be challenging. We aim to optimise your body’s self-healing process with considerations to all aspects of your lifestyle and biofield health, where our life experiences are thought to be stored. This can give rise to static energy in your biofield, which can interfere with the balance and flow of your energy field and may contribute towards existing symptoms or play a role in creating new ones.

Re-aligning and balancing the biofield together with developing a positive mindset, proactive behavioural support, personalised nutrition, and helpful lifestyle plans can help you manage your condition more effectively.

Nutrition, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, environmental factors, and genes all play a role in the onset of chronic illnesses. Focusing on where to restore balance helps support the body safely with non-invasive methods and no side effects. While on long-term medication, this can help you improve your quality of life and optimise clinical management outcomes.

Our approach offers personalised dietary suggestions, lifestyle recommendations, biofield harmonising and balance based on your individual needs, existing health condition, and health issues you would like addressed. In addition, we will offer suggestions on any environmental factors that may play a role in affecting your health and managing your illness.


Are You Ready To Balance Your Biofield?

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