About Me

Looking back to my childhood, before becoming a biofield practitioner, before I collapsed at home (which ultimately changed my life), even before becoming a pharmacist specialising in mental health and illness. I remember being what people would call ‘Arty’. I always had a love for expression through nature, history, or drawing. But my parents used to say: ‘You have to get a job that pays the bills, and I’m not spending money on private education for you to waste it.’ At a young age, my parents had been a huge influence on my life. They have always had the belief that you should get a ‘good’ job that typically has better income potential. The issue was this. I was not interested in science but had to change subjects from the arts to sciences and later became a pharmacist specialising in mental health and illness and miles away from my true passion. My parents had fixed ideas on what I needed to do with my life, and I was not about to challenge them. Get good grades, get a degree, get medically trained. My path was set, but not by me…


The Moment Of Change

After getting my degree, I worked in pharmacy full time for many years. I had not anticipated the stressful environment that so often exists in this profession that was building up gradually over the years until one day, I collapsed at home. At a time when work was very demanding, I had more financial commitments, changes in my personal life and one of my dogs - that was like family to me – had recently passed, a bad day at work just was not an option as you have people’s health and even lives in your hands.

After years suppressing emotional changes in my life and feeling exhausted daily, it all caught up with me at home at the end of a busy week, when I reached home and abruptly collapsed. It felt like my body had hit its maximum capacity and was telling me that something must change. I was rushed to hospital and stayed there for five days. I was in extreme pain. I had to stay in a dark room for days, and I wasn’t eating or drinking. You see, inside, I knew what was wrong, I had spent years in denial of deep-seated emotional imbalance, blocking myself, trying to be something I was not, and in denial of the changes in my life, the condition was just a name or a symptom of this way of life that I had jumped (or been pushed) into from a young age. It was emotions that had manifested into my illness.

What I Learned From That Moment...

I always felt like I was suppressing my true self to fit into a career that was not of my choosing, too stressful and demanding. I spent years helping people in the community with their health but unable to do anything to help myself or my dogs when they were ill. When you try to block, deny, and delete a side of yourself, it can have dire consequences. I was diagnosed with exhaustion and Fibromyalgia, which is a very painful condition and unable to work for a year. I had also developed severe irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I had become reliant on pain relief to overcome stress headaches and pain and had no time to look for alternatives.

I never wanted to take or rely on medication, and as you will see, I did not need to. After some time recovering, I was allowed back to work, but at the time, I felt like I was signing my own death warrant. During my time off, I started looking into other solutions to deal with my remaining dog’s health and my own. Because I knew that if I didn’t deal with it, it would get worse. 

What I found out is what the medical community is coming to recognise only now. There is another body system that runs through us. It has been coined as the biofield energy system. When our life force energy does not flow freely through it and with changes to the vibrational frequency, it can impact our health.

Reiki Treatment

What Changed In Me As A result...

You see, this system records every thought and feeling and experience from birth until you die, so everything you have ever felt and thought remains in your biofield.

I was very sceptical with years of scientific thinking and belief, I started learning about the mind-body-spirit connection, took formal qualifications in Reiki (another form of biofield therapy), and a range of other biofield therapies and the result was life-changing.


The results were not instant, and this had been many years of thoughts, feelings and experiences that had been suppressed and ignored through lack of knowledge and were now affecting the flow of energy through my biofield system so heavily that I believed it had started to show up in physical pain and discomfort like that IBS or Fibromyalgia. By addressing the mind-body-spirit connection, six months into biofield therapy and following a more holistic lifestyle, I suffered from 80-90% improved conditions. It was almost a full recovery in such a short period of time, something I rarely saw as a pharmacist. I no longer needed pain relief. Like many people, I would reach for the easier option to take medication instead of addressing the issue head-on and taking responsibility for my health. Realising that illness starts with emotional issues, whether we are aware of it or not, manifests itself in physical health conditions.


Discovering biofields, a natural solution that synchronises more harmoniously with the body’s other systems, is now showing in study after study to be most effective in various mental and physical health conditions, including cancer. The issue isn’t just medication, it is healing the emotions, cleansing, and balancing the biofield system that we now know exists, and supporting the organs and other body systems where medication can take a toll long term. This means the body can better manage ill-health long term, the symptoms of your condition and give you the freedom and life you want and deserve.

My Message: My message to you is that there is a way of improving your health, an approach to help manage your illness and any side effects that works with medication. A system now backed by science and increasingly recognised by the NHS. One that is safe, non-invasive, will help manage your symptoms, one that will support all health measures and lead to you regaining improved overall health, wellness, and freedom. Your Biofield helps you heal and supports your body whilst you are on medication to help you manage your illness. Get in touch with me to learn how I can help you.