Anatomy and Influences of the Human Biofield

Your Biofield energy system is a "blueprint", meaning it is unique to you as your DNA. Like a data recording system, it is thought to store information of all your life experiences, thoughts and memories and imprints them on your energy system, even those that we have 'forgotten'. Good and bad experiences such as trauma, unpleasant interactions with others, illness, stress, achievements, love, joy and positive experiences are all thought to leave traces on the Biofield system.

The Anatomy

A vertical column is the "Pranic line" that runs from the crown on top of the head to the base of the spine, allowing life force energy to move between the universe and earth's electromagnetic energy fields. It is Prana (the breath) that activates the movement of this energy through this Pranic line.

The Chakras

There are numerous minor chakras within the energy system. Seven primary chakras are spinning energy centres located vertically along the spine and travel through the body. They can spin in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Like the aura, chakras are associated with different colours and the energy of that colour and its vibrational frequency. The chakras are associated with the major endocrine glands, particular organs, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the body, depending on their location. It is essential for health and wellbeing that the chakras remain aligned, balanced, open and free flowing as they influence our behaviour, nourish our physical body as well as our aura.

Location of Chakras and Layers of the Aura.jpg
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Energy from the pranic line is channelled into the chakras connected to a network of energy channels inside the body known as "Meridians" (also known as Nadis) and the external aura field. The meridians are a network of small pathways that run through muscles and organs, distributing this subtle energy around the body. This energy radiates through to the outside of the body and connects with the chakras, where this energy is projected to the external environment as the aura.


The aura energy field or seven energy bands of light surround and permeate through the body. Each band vibrates at a different frequency and is associated with a specific colour related to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The aura radiates outward, carrying with it information about physiological, mental, and emotional status. The aura is where energetic information can be exchanged between the outside world and the body's internal environment.

The existence of the human energy system is supported by some interesting science discussed further on the Blog page and is a concept that is now more accepted and acknowledged by health professionals and the scientific community.



What influences your biofield?

Your body generates biofields internally, and, in turn, your biofield energy is influenced by the energy of your surroundings, which raises or lowers your biofield energy accordingly. This includes foods you eat, sensory stimulation from the colours and scents, experiences you have suffered or watched others suffer from, such as injuries, illness, neglect, or abuse. Exposure to severe financial problems, issues at work, abandonment or unwantedness. Substances you consume, such as alcohol, tobacco, prescription, or recreational drugs, and even the electrical activity of your thoughts all contribute to your unique electromagnetic field or aura. This energy radiates outward, carrying along with it the information about your physical, mental, and emotional state.

There is a constant exchange of energy information between you and your environment. Your Biofield is interactive and can absorb and blend with the energies of other people in your surroundings. In time any unhealthy energies can accumulate in your energy field like dust on furniture. A healthy balanced Biofield is more resilient to stress and changes in our external environment.


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