Biofield Therapy and Chronic Illness

When energy-flow is blocked, our bodies don't have the resources necessary to repair themselves. Lupus, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and many other chronic conditions can all be managed better with better energy flow through the use of biofield therapies. It has been shown that electrically based biofields are able to play a role in the restoration of damaged tissues, and can be used for cell development, repair and regeneration too. 

The NHS has shown particular support for research showing the potential benefits of biofield therapies for chronic diseases and health conditions. Reiki, for example, is recommended by National Health Service Trusts and The Prince of Wales Foundation for Integrated Health for the management of chronic disease. And, in 2015 Bart’s Health NHS Trust’s Complementary Therapies Service (CTS) established a Reiki therapy program for cancer and palliative care patients. It's now become much more widely used throughout the NHS.

With many chronic illnesses we experience symptoms such as pain, fatigue, anxiety, brain-fog, depression, and elevated stress hormone levels. These have all been shown to respond well to biofield therapies which helps to improve the patients’ quality of life.


Read more about it's pain relieving benefits below:

Why Biofield Therapy?

When living with chronic illness, we can experience many different problems. Biofield Therapy has been examined by 66 clinical studies which resulted in strong evidence supporting pain reduction in chronically ill patients.  Biofield therapy can support you in a range of areas...

Pain Relief

Numerous studies have shown evidence that biofield helps to reduce pain, which includes tension, stiffness associated with chronic illness. 

Fatigue and Energy Problems

Fatigue occurs for those suffering with chronic illness. Biofield reduces fatigue to help you manage your life better each day.

Digestion and Gut

Many chronic illnesses and long term medication use can cause digestive issues. Biofield system can target this directly and work towards rebalancing the long term affects of medication.

Overall Health

Biofield therapy improves coherence within the body's biofield system so that the corresponding physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the body also become more aligned and balanced.

Mood & Focus

Pain reducing mood boosting hormones like serotonin. Biofield therapy can help to reduce your pain and has even been linked to better mental health in patients.

Stress & Anxiety

A study in Health and Medicine (Dec 2017) showed a strong link in reducing psychological stress and chronic pain. Long term illness can cause us much stress, anxiety and trauma. Biofield therapy can help you to manage this.

Are You Ready To Balance Your Biofield?

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