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Distant Reiki Sessions - Heal With The Ancient Method.

Do you ever feel like a part of your body is holding onto negative energy?

Reiki helps to remove stagnant energy and allows your body to re-establish your own internal energy flow and balance. This helps to establish free flowing life-force energy that is healthy and vibrant that initiates the body's self-healing process helping the negative energy to dissolve and allowing vibrancy to flow in its place.

For a deeper understanding of Reiki, read this article HERE.

Reiki Treatment

Who's it for?

It’s ideal for anyone that has a physical condition or illness or who’s body feels out of balance, like it is holding onto negative energy, negative thoughts and feelings. For example, when I had severe IBS for many years, it was Reiki that helped me to reduce my symptoms and feel normal and healthy again. It can do the same for you whether you are need rebalancing or like me, some help with an existing condition. 

What people say.

Personally, after each Reiki session I felt like I was in less pain and more balanced inside, I had less IBS pain and felt like something was shifting internally. My clients report similar things, some feel lighter, others feel recharged and uplifted.

How does distant Reiki work?

Distant Reiki has been showed to be as effective as Reiki in person, as it is assessing the same energy field and seeking to find ways to re-establish the right energetic flow again. Unlike modern science that focuses on things it can see, touch, and feel, the energy that runs through us isn’t fixed in the same way, so sending energy and assessing it from any location around the world isn’t restricted to the same constraints. It is ideal for those who are unable to leave their home or feel unsafe to do so.

The Reiki Intensive Package: £540

  • 60 Minute Reiki Assessment: Find out where in your chakras you are imbalanced (blocked) and struggling to reach your vitality and vibrancy. 

  • 3 x 6o Minute Distance Reiki Sessions – Intensive sessions to send positively charged energy directly to you allowing your body to reboot, recharge and establish positive flow again 

  • 2 x Review talk (discussion and health prescription):  After sessions, I will provide you with dietary, circadian and lifestyle tips to fast track your health reset. 

  • 1 x Crystal Healing box set – includes 7 wearable Crystals, a crystal Cleanse kit and much more (individual cost £195)


Individual Extra Reiki sessions:

  • One off session: £80

  • 5 sessions: £375

  • 10 sessions: £700

For a deeper understanding of Reiki, read this article HERE.

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