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The Health Reset Package

Recover and rebuild your health and wellness with holistic biofield therapies.

Do YOU feel like you need a full health MOT?

Health comes in many forms, sometimes we struggle to manage an existing health condition, we feel tired for no apparent reason or feeling weighed down by certain foods that don’t agree with us, other times the cause can be deeper like a deep-rooted trauma that your body hasn’t let go of. 

This recovery package uses a holistic approach and a range of biofield therapies to identify the main cause or causes that are impacting your health and vitality, whilst supporting your internal anatomy whilst taking medication for a long time. You will follow a bespoke guided ‘DIY’ support programme along with 1-2-1 biofield therapy sessions and a more balanced lifestyle to help you move towards a healthier mind, body, and spirit.


How does it work?

We start by seeking to understand where you are out of balance. To do this I use a comprehensive health assessment process to help unravel all aspects of your health, including circadian rhythm, stress, fitness, lifestyle, medications, and nutrition. We truly lift the lid on your health to find the root cause of your imbalance. Next is an 8-session bespoke ‘biofield prescription’ to help get you on the right track to vibrant wellbeing.   

What you get in the recovery package:

  • 1 x free consultation

  • 2 x Questionnaires and remote assessments

  • 2 x Biofield and lifestyle 'prescriptions' (including sleep, stress, recovery, food intolerances and many other health factors). 

  • 6 x Distant Reiki therapy sessions to disperse any stagnant energy and establish free flowing energy that kick starts your body's healing process.

  • 5 x support phone reviews (to help you remain focused and to overcome any hurdle’s that may crop up along the way to improved health).


Note: Sessions will be 1 per week, but we will assess which session is best based (biofield, prescription or just support phone chat) on what shows up each week.  


- Total cost of package: £1425

- Length of package: 8 weeks

- Spaces: 1 per month (as this is part of a comprehensive service, I see only one person at a time per month to ensure I can fully focus on your health recovery). 

Get Started With A Free Consultation

To book a free consultation chat with me, please fill in your details below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to arrange a time to call.

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Who's it for?

It’s ideal for anyone with a long-term health condition or that feels generally unwell, like they are out of balance while suffering with typical complaints such as low energy, digestive issues, low mood, stress, poor sleep quality, feeling run down or experiencing frequent coughs and colds.

What people say.

After each holistic health prescription or biofield session I felt like I was in more control of my own health, more relaxed and balanced inside. I had less episodes of migraine and when I did, the pain was much less, and I really felt like something was shifting internally. Other clients report similar things, some feel lighter, others feel recharged and uplifted.