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Observe Your Own Energy Field Live In Real Time

Live Biofield Imaging Scan Sessions

What is a biofield scan?

A live scan allows us to get instant digital imaging of your Aura, Chakras, Meridians, Nadis and Acupuncture points, which are all part of your Biofield. This imaging system allows you to observe your body’s Biofield in real-time, to see how it changes and observe progress and  healing too. Visual changes are displayed as patterns, movement, and colours.

How does a scan work?

Scans require a face-to-face appointment in Eastbourne; it cannot be done remotely and will require you to remove your outer garments for the scan. Using this cutting-edge technology, images of your body’s Biofield will be taken using a specialised camera whilst standing or sitting down. These images are transmitted to a computer where the images can be viewed, assessed, and shows interesting information about your energy field and state of well-being. If you want to know how a particular food, medicine, crystal, etc. may influence your Biofield, bring these items to the appointment. You can also book a one-to-one Reiki session and have a scan before and after to see the results for yourself.


Pets (dogs, cats, and small animals) are also welcome. If you are interested in your pet’s well-being, then bring them along for a scan with you. At the end of the session, you can take home a copy of your Biofield scan together with a detailed report.

One-off scan and detailed report for one person or pet: £49.99


Comparison scans and detailed report of before and after (a food, drink, cream, medicine etc.): £75


One hour Reiki session with a scan before and after: £150


Who's it for?

It can be a great way to see how your energy field responds to certain foods, medication or Biofield therapies over-time.


It's ideal if you want to know where your energy field is more balanced or where more treatment is needed at the start of your health journey.


Plus, it's a visual confirmation of how you feel inside. For example, if you have pain in your neck, a scan taken before and after a Reiki session will show more balanced energy in this area, confirming any pain relief. This can be useful to see this 'visually' form many people.

It’s not just for people though.  Have you wondered about your pet’s well-being?!

What people say.

"For me, this is a piece of my well-being on camera that I can see!! I was very sceptical about a person’s energy field and Biofield therapy, but now feel more relaxed and at peace with myself after a traumatic episode in my life. Taking care of my energy field has become part of my daily routine and the scans before and after confirm for me that it is working.  After a stressful period or after an illness, I have a scan to see how my energy field has been affected."

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