Pain Management

Chronic pain is typically persistent pain that continues for longer than 3 months even whilst taking pain relief medication or treatment.  Chronic pain can limit your ability to work and enjoy leisure time and linked to anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, digestive issues, impacts our relations with others and more. They can be related to the illness, the medication or unrelated to both and affect our ability to cope.

Introducing a healthier lifestyle and manipulating the Biofield helps achieve more control of pain and associated symptoms, reduce stress and anxiety, eliminate toxins that contribute to poor health and much more. Many studies have shown decreased pain in patients with a wide range of conditions, from headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, cancer, arthritis and more. It is now widely accepted that Reiki and other biofield therapies may help ease chronic pain when used as a complementary therapy, and the practice of Reiki — a form of energy healing — is now being used in major healthcare systems across the US and the UK.

Stomach Pain

Chronic pain is a complex issue as there is the physical aspect as well as the emotional one. There are around four pain centres located in the brain, and one of them is located in the brain’s limbic system. This is the system where emotions are processed and a strong connection between pain and emotions. All pain centres are linked, and over time, a repetitive cycle of pain exists and can make pain symptoms difficult to control. Neuroplasticity or re-wiring the brain is about transforming this repetitive cycle. Changing one’s thoughts, being motivated, and focusing on other activities can change how the brain responds and re-define your pain. Motivation, repetitive thoughts, and emotions are a “turn-key” to achieve this successfully.


A Holistic health lifestyle addresses this because it considers all aspects of your lifestyle, including exercise and diet and the foods that trigger pain and inflammation. Biofield therapy such as 

Reiki works on an emotional level and the stress and anxiety aspects of chronic pain. 


In the Journal of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine Dec 2017, a study concluded that Mind-Body-Spirit medicine using Biofield therapies could help patients with Fibromyalgia and reduce their symptoms that included physical and psychological stress, chronic pain, insomnia, and depression.

How Does It Work?

Scientific Evidence

In the publication “Clinical Studies of Biofield Therapies: Summary, Methodological Challenges, and Recommendations” by Jain et al. (2015), over 30 published clinical trials were identified demonstrating positive effects of biofield therapies for pain in ambulatory and hospitalised patient populations with chronic pain, arthritis, and movement restriction. Ain and Mills (2010) performed a systematic review of 66 clinical studies utilising a variety of biofield therapies in different patient populations. The results showed that biofield therapies had strong evidence for decreasing pain intensity in pain populations and moderate evidence for improving pain intensity in hospitalised and cancer populations, decreasing negative behavioural symptoms in dementia, and reducing anxiety for hospitalised populations.

Within the realm of Physical Therapy, a Physical Therapist is trained to intervene at the physical body level to create a beneficial physical change. In many cases, this is sufficient for one to achieve their physical goal. However, in some cases, solely physical-based interventions are not enough stimulus to create a new pattern and healing within an individual. This tends to be particularly so when there are patterns of self-limiting beliefs and emotions such as fear, anxiety, and depression. A plethora of scientific research supports the connection between mental and emotional variables with physical pain and disability. (Alfvén, Grillner, & Andersson, 2017; Bunzli, Smith, Schütze, Lin, & O’Sullivan, 2017; Eckhoff, Straume, & Kvernmo, 2017; Hodges & Tucker, 2011; Lotze & Moseley, 2015; Marin et al., 2017; Racine et al., 2016;).


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