Positive Vibes

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Improve your balance in your physical, mental and emotional energies with our biofield health remote support package.

The Positive Vibes service focuses on your personal Biofield health. WE use Biofield therapies to improve coherence and balance in your physical, mental and emotional energy to help you improve your all-round wellbeing and self-care.


Our first aim is to address where your biofield is displaced and use the right methods for you to create and restore balance here. One of the methods we use are Reiki and crystal healing here.


Positive vibes is ideal if you already follow a healthy lifestyle and self-care practices, and are looking to further enhance your wellbeing or immune health, manage daily stress and anxiety or build more emotional resilience with a bespoke support package and lifestyle guide.

How It Works

We will start by getting you to complete our questionnaire which will enable us to assess the existing energetic state of your Chakras (seven main energy centres). We then arrange a phone or video call at a time that suits you and together we tailor a bespoke and personal plan with tips, suggestions and distant healing sessions to address any imbalances you may have. The two-week programme includes:

Two half-hour phone or video calls and remote email support to get started.

Two 1 hourly distant (online or phone) reiki healing sessions, one hour each week at a mutually agreed day and time that works for you.

Creation of a personal wellness plan and e-book for you to integrate into your daily routine and provide tips and support to help you maintain this in your life.


​When seeing your wellness practitioner simply isn’t always possible, distant Reiki is a great alternative to heal and balance your energies. The first session at the start of the first week serves to help clear unwanted energy from your aura, chakras, meridians, body, emotions, mind and spirit. It will fill you with high vibrating, free-flowing healing energy. Ideally, you should set aside time for your distant Reiki session with your practitioner.


We will then:

  • Create a personal wellness plan with you to integrate into your daily routine that includes practices, tips, exercises and suggestions to help you maintain your Biofield health.

  • Provide you with a few tools for maintaining a healthy Biofield energy system that typically includes crystals that have been cleansed and infused with reiki and will be posted to you separately with instructions on their use.

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