The Birth And Growth Of Reiki.

The secrets of the universe are kept by those who understand frequency, energy and vibration.
Nikola Tesla

Years ago, it was considered that the earth was flat, and the sun revolved around the earth. With both of these, it was simply ‘saying what you see’. When you look as far as the eye can go over a long coastline, you do not see the planet's curve; it just looks like a long straight line. The sun seems to spin around us every day, just like the moon does at night. What would possibly make us think differently?

We are programmed only to trust tangible things. Our senses have always limited us; what we see, touch, hear, taste and smell. These have often been the guiding force of the medical and scientific community too.

But not for everyone…

Reiki has stood the test of time and been around for thousands of years. It is a healing practice, not a religion. It became a widespread practice with Dr Mikao Usui in Japan back in the 1920’s when he came to an understanding that had become so infectious, it has impacted millions of people worldwide, claiming it has transformed their health in profound ways. A deeply spiritual man born into a Buddhist family and possessed an endless thirst for knowledge and enlightenment, and he found it.

How reiki began
Dr Mikao Usui

The birth of Reiki.

The story goes that Usui was meditating on a mountain top, and he found himself achieving deep, profound enlightenment as he felt the vibrations of the earth and everything around him. He sensed his own vibration moving throughout his body. This deep connection paved the way for a deeper understanding of how things are in the world. That there is something else at play beyond our physical understanding. An Energetic force…

Let’s call it Reiki…

The term was later coined as Reiki which comes from the Japanese word ‘Rei’ (universe) and ‘Ki’ (Life energy). Even though Reiki has been used since Mikao started it in the early 20th century (around 1912), it has faced much medical scrutiny, with studies and experiments being openly rejected and ridiculed by some in the medical community.

I was a Sceptic…

I was one of these sceptics as my medical training was based on hardcore science. I had suffered from severe IBS and Fibromyalgia for many years. I did not want to become co-dependent on daily medication that only treated the symptoms and nothing more. For me, Reiki almost removed the symptoms and the condition entirely. Although it was not instant, after each Reiki session, my symptoms gradually subsided, and I felt better in myself with each passing day. After a few months, the issues I had struggled with had all but disappeared.

Surprisingly enough, I discovered numerous studies showed the effectiveness of Reiki to positively impact many physical, mental and emotional health conditions associated with conditions such as cancer, stress, anxiety, insomnia, , improved mood, pain relief and more.

The case study that led to a new chapter in my career

From the moment you are born to the day you die, every thought, experience, and feeling is registered and recorded in your biofield. If we don’t learn to release and let go of some of the life-changing experiences such as grief, resentment, forgiveness, it hinders the free-flowing energy which can become stagnant and creating energetic blockages that impacts our health, wellbeing and happiness, never more true than with my client.

He was seemly a normal, healthy, 32-year-old male (let’s call him George). On the surface, George seemed fine. He had no health complaints, no issues with weight, he was not on any medication. The issue was not health, the issue stemmed from what he was holding inside, what he had been blocking and storing for many years, and it was starting to take over his life. In our first meeting, he told me he had recently been feeling very stressed and anxious. His symptoms included fatigue, disturbed sleep, feeling withdrawn from friends and colleagues. More recently, he had problems with digestion and lack of concentration, and all of this was affecting his personal relationships at home.

From the initial consultation, I learned that his relationship with his mother had always been strained, she was difficult and controlling in his life. His workplace had become problematic, where he often felt intimidated and bullied by his manager. In response, he rarely spoke up to defend himself. On assessing his energy field (whereby we assessed all 7 points in the body called chakras), his solar plexus, sacral, root and throat chakras were all underactive and there were tears in his aura, which suggested energy leakage and a loss of vitality. His complaints are aligned precisely with what his chakras were telling me…

Solar Plexus – George’s lack of self-confidence, poor digestion and willpower is governed by the solar plexus chakra. Again, this was clearly related to maternal relationships.

Root Chakra – This chakra relates to stability, security, standing your ground and vitality. This could account for his feelings of insecurity and anxiety, fatigue, withdrawal and feelings of victimisation. All of which can translate into concerns over his job situation.

Sacral Chakra – This governs our ability to socialise, our self-worth and our relationships with others. This was impacting his relationships at work.

Throat chakra - This governs the voice, communication and self-expression and an imbalance indicates feelings of resentment, timidity and introversion. This stopped him from speaking up for himself.

the 7 chakras

What we did…

We carried out weekly sessions of Reiki and crystal healing with attention to the chakras to cleanse George’s energy system, open and rebalance the affected chakras and allow a free flow of energy to repair the tears in his aura. I also worked with George on grounding and protection exercises and provided a range of self-help tools such as crystals and aura strengthening for George to use as part of his daily self-care routine. About three weeks later, I called him to see how he was progressing. He said he felt emotionally stronger, more vocal and less affected by the behaviour of his line manager towards him. He felt more self-confident and noticed the attitude of his line manager had become more respectful towards him. Energy emanating from the chakras and aura cannot be seen or touched, only sensed. There had also been improvements in his personal relationships, sleep patterns and no more anxiety or problems with digestion.

Reiki unblocks what we hold inside. That is how it works. It helped me to change my health, it helped George improve his relationships, and it helps millions to rebalance and improve their health, wellbeing and vitality.

So, what exactly is Reiki?

Everything in the universe is reduced to energy that exists as waves and individual particles, all vibrating at different frequencies. Nothing is solid. Solid items under a microscope consist of moving particles, including us! The concept here is Life-Force energy that runs through all living things (also known as Universal, Chi, Prana, Ki, Qi) and an electromagnetic field surrounds all living things that relate to health and wellness. Where vibrant free-flowing energy represents health and wellbeing, stagnant or energy blocks can represent health complaints, illness or disease.

Reiki involves the therapist channelling universal energy using their intention, into the client's energy field. This rebalances, re-establishing a free flow of energy and supports the client's energy to heal themselves. Reiki is non-invasive and can be given without the need to remove your clothes. Reiki works across time and space and a practitioner can channel this healing energy to a client that is absent, i.e. not physically present with the therapist.


A small step to acceptance.

Today, Reiki and other biofield therapies are now being accepted into the NHS and used in a range of conditions. All of these years of rejection and ridicule and of people only believing what they see, finally they are starting to see something that millions of us know today. Reiki can aid healing and improve positive flow around the body.

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