The Human Electromagnetic Field and the Heart-Brain Connection

Biofield science is revealing much about the workings of the human electromagnetic field and how it interacts with surrounding electromagnetic energy from the earth and other living beings. One of the most important discoveries in biofield science has been the importance of the heart in setting and maintaining the body’s electromagnetic rhythms. This is due to the fact that the heart’s electromagnetic activity generates the most powerful and consistent energy patterns of the body[1] making it the center of a network that encodes and connects electromagnetic fields and conveys information throughout the body.

The Heart-Brain-Body Connection

The heart’s communication with the brain is particularly extensive. Its magnetic field is 5000 times stronger than that of the brain[2] and electromagnetic signals travel from the heart to the brain almost instantaneously allowing for exceedingly rapid responses that help regulate brain physiology[3] and make the heart a central node of cognitive and emotional information[1].

The heart’s magnetic field is also perceived by every cell in the body[2] and can be detected up to 5 feet from the body. When other people and animals receive this energetic information, a phenomenon known as “frequency locking” occurs in which the cardiac energy of one person becomes synchronized with the brain activity of a nearby person[3]. Additionally, our bodies act as receivers of electromagnetic energy from our surroundings, including the earth’s natural magnetic fields generated by the molten iron at its core[4] and, more recently, wired and wireless appliances and devices.

Electrical potentials of the heart naturally synchronize with the brain’s alpha wave activity within an individual and this coherence effect increases significantly in response to appreciative emotions[2]which also create higher cross-coherence, or entrainment, between body systems[2]. In a clinical trial a single Reiki session produced significant improvement in heart rate variability compared to a group that listened to classical music and its benefits were comparable to those of the beta-blocker drug propranolol. Similarly, Healing Touch therapy has reduced anxiety and decreased length of hospital stay in coronary bypass patients[5].

More Work to Be Done

Current medical standards routinely measure quantum energy to diagnose disease states, but revert to a biochemical approach to treatment rather than incorporating the concepts of quantum physics, which acknowledge that energy and matter are one. Additionally, characteristics of the subtle energy fields, as described here, contrast with conventional paradigms that take a hierarchical brain-centered approach. This indicates the need for a broader perspective and a new paradigm that encompasses an integrated web of functional connectivity[6].

Biofield therapies are poised to merge biophysics with biochemistry so as to bridge this conceptual gap. In the future, our understanding of biofield energy will clearly elucidate the specific and predictable effects that alterations in energy patterns have on disease processes[7].

Image showing the Human EMF interaction between two people


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