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Research and Collaboration

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Are you a health practitioner interested in the human energy field and incorporating biofield research to develop an integrative approach to wellbeing for the body, mind, and spirit? Or are you a patient who has experienced energetic biofield changes while taking medication? I would love to hear from you, as well!

I invite anyone interested in supporting this area of research to contact me.

My current research interests include:

  • Investigating the effects of prescribed medications on the human energy field.

  • Promoting awareness and education on this subject among the general public and the medical and alternative health professionals.

  • Determining the most beneficial and impactful ways for holistic health practitioners to work with those trained in Western medicine. 

  • Collaborating with practitioners who are already engaged in research into healing through the human energy field or using an integrative approach to health.


Response To Public Interest​

The growing population that regularly participates in holistic and traditional health practices is supportive and interested in moving human biofield research forward. As healthcare professionals, it is our duty to respond!

Our clients and patients benefit most when health practitioners work together, share knowledge, and keep our minds open about different pathways to healing. My training and experience in conventional medicine, along with my 15 years of training and practice in complementary and biofield health, have instilled in me a deep desire to see this important research flourish.

My goal in this endeavour is to promote research and collaborative relationships that will help define the influencing and overlapping factors between the two disciplines so that a more integrative approach to healthcare delivery can be realised.