Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Management

Access the healing power of reiki to help reduce RA pain


If you suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis you will know first-hand the impact it can have on your quality of life and happiness. The Pain Relief Program uses the latest in Reiki and alternative therapies, including holistic techniques shown to help reduce pain and discomfort so that you can live your life more freely.


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Get the support YOU NEED with the pain relief program:

Are YOU are suffering from chronic pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis? Do you want help managing your condition? This plan has been shown to help:

Reduce joint stiffness & pain

Stimulate neuroplasticity to ‘rewire’ the brain and lower the priority it gives pains signal’s

Help you become more ‘pain resilient’ 

Decrease stress & overwhelm that RA creates

Improve energy & freedom to live the life you want


Who is it for?

This program specialises in using the energy healing influence of Reiki and holistic biofield therapies to ease pain for people who have Rheumatoid Arthritis. A condition that can transform your life and limit even simple tasks. But as you will see from my story below, it does not have to be that way…

Hi, I'm Seema.

I have worked in community pharmacy for many years dispensing and prescribing medication for many different health conditions and ailments. Pain relief medication is the most common.


I know this first-hand, having suffered from chronic pain from Fibromyalgia for a long time. I had radiating pain around the body and was reliant on frequent pain relief and experienced the side effects that come with them. 


After a collapse at work, I was forced to take some time out and tackle my Fibromyalgia and IBS head-on and find alternative, natural solutions.  I was introduced to Reiki and Biofield Therapy as an option. I was sceptical at first, but had nothing to lose. Within six months, I was pain-free, and my IBS was under control and I felt like I had my life back.


Since then, I have been promoting and helping others with chronic pain, seeking more natural methods to alleviate pain and enhance their vitality. One such condition that I have been working on is Rheumatoid Arthritis. If you want to find out more or ask me some questions about how I can help your condition, please get in touch.

Happy Family

What To Expect.

There are different packages that we can talk through, so I have something for everyone. The level of the service depends on your needs, wants and financial situation. My goal is to make this service accessible to everyone, so whatever your situation, please reach out and let us start the recovery process. Remember, I have suffered with a long-term pain condition, so I know the pressure and pain it adds to your daily life and I would like to show you that other, non-invasives solutions can help you to manage better than just using medication alone.

Personalised online assessment to match solutions with your life

Personalised plans for pain-reducing daily habits

Biofield therapies to establish free-flowing energy that helps alleviate pain

Ongoing support and advice that works with your existing RA care.

Join Millions of people finding pain relief through Reiki and natural therapies and take your life back.

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Millions of people worldwide are using reiki and other biofield therapies to improve their health and manage pain better. Even the NHS in the UK has started to recognise its influence.

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