Support For Chronic Illness

"Reach optimal healing and wellness with our Holistic and Biofield health package that offers you a supported tailored eight-week programme with a personal box of wellness tools, e-book and more..."

Who's it for?

Anyone over 18 years old with a long-term (Chronic) illness such as Diabetes, Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Congestive Heart Disease, Cancer, experiencing pain with little or no control of symptoms with medication or other treatments and more.

Who else may benefit?

Anyone over 18 years old wanting to change or improve any aspect of their lifestyle, including physical, mental, or emotional lifestyle habits and their effects on spirituality, work-life balance, relationships, happiness, and more control of their life.


How does it work?

We start by seeking to understand your current state of health and your diagnosed condition and where your lifestyle and energy field is out of balance. To do this I use a comprehensive assessment process of questionnaires to help unravel all aspects of your health. I use this assessment as a benchmark for the areas of your health, lifestyle, biofield and wellness that require more focus.


During this time, you will receive remote one to one remote Reiki sessions Twice each week:


What you get in the Chronic Illness package:

  • 1 x free consultation

  • 1 x Consultation form to complete and sign

  • 2 x Questionnaires and remote assessment

  • 16 x Distant Reiki therapy sessions (60 minutes each session) to disperse any stagnant energy and establish free flowing energy.

  • Positive Vibes E-Book A comprehensive collection of information on chakras and the aura, tips and practices on their healing and maintenance

  • Positive Vibes Boxset- Posted to your home address (UK Only), containing a range of Energy medicine tools used to align and cleanse your chakras and aura (worth over £195 and ALL items are infused with healing Reiki energy)

  • 16 x phone or video calls (30mins to 60minutes) that are intended for support or reviews (to help you remain focused and to overcome any hurdle’s that may crop up along the way to improved health)


Note: Reiki sessions will be two per week, but we will assess which sessions are best based at different stages of your journey (Reiki or just support phone or video call).

What people say

From Adele to Kate Hudson, many celebrities and health experts have started integrating these tools such as crystals to improve their balance, energy flow and wellbeing every day. People that work on their Chakras and Aura regularly, more resilient to negative influences, frequently report to feeling more positive, to feeling more vibrant and uplifted each day.


Total cost of package: £2,585 (£316.87 per week)

Length of package: 8 weeks


To book a free consultation chat with me, please fill in your details here and I will get back to you within 24 hours to arrange a time to call.

The benefits include:

  • Promotes self-healing

  • Increases resilience to life’s challenges

  • Stronger resistance to illness & disease

  • Learning self-care skills for life

  • It helps you self-manage your health condition

  • Improves physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health

  • Promotes efficiency of long-term medication

  • Re-wire the brain to control symptoms such as pain

  • Improves relationships with others

  • Improves wellness and balance to your life

  • Feeling less overwhelmed by responsibilities

  • Increases energy and focus

  • Improves self-esteem & confidence

  • Improves mental agility

  • Improves your mental awareness

  • Positive transformation