What is Your Biofield?

Every cell and organ in your body pulses with electric and magnetic energy. These microcurrents of energy influence each other and produce magnetic fields that interact with the electromagnetic energy of your surroundings and form an interconnected network of electromagnetic energy and subtle energy (life-force energy), also known as Chi or Prana, in and around your physical body. Known as Biofield energy, this energy system is as unique to you as your DNA. 

Your body generates biofields internally, and, in turn, your biofield energy is influenced by the energy of your surroundings, which raises or lowers your biofield energy accordingly. This includes foods you eat, sensory stimulation from colours and scents, and your thoughts and emotions. Your biofield can become unbalanced by traumatic experiences you have suffered or watched others suffer from, such as trauma, injuries, illness, neglect, or abuse, exposure to severe financial problems, issues at work, abandonment, or feelings of rejection. Substances you consume, such as alcohol, tobacco, prescription, or recreational drugs, and even your thoughts’ electrical activity all contribute to your unique biofield. This energy radiates outward, carrying along with it the information about your physical, mental, and emotional state.

Energy medicine and biofield therapies seek to detect and correct imbalances in the human biofield that may contribute to or result from illness or disease and to correct those imbalances to promote overall health and wellness.

Is there any proof it works?

Yes! A growing body of scientific evidence supports the reality of the human energy system. The evidence is so compelling that health professionals and the scientific community have begun to embrace the biofield concept and to acknowledge the efficacy of biofield therapies and their role in healthcare delivery.

Research into the functions of human biofields has concluded that magnetic fields do in fact exist which influences the energy fields of people nearby.  Additionally, it has been shown that electrically based biofields are able to play a role in the restoration of damaged tissues, thus can be used in work associated with cell development, repair, and regeneration. 


Biofield Therapies (Reiki) & The NHS


Supported by a growing evidence base, biofield therapies are starting to be welcomed into conventional healthcare settings and are being practiced as adjunctive care alongside of conventional therapies. Reiki, a 3000-year-old biofield therapy from Tibet, is being administered in the care of children and adults in numerous hospitals and facilities of the National Health Service, including St. George’s Hospital, University College Hospital, the General Hospital of Southampton, King’s Mill Hospital, Aintree University Hospitals, Whipps Cross University Hospital, St. Bartholemew’s Hospital, and others.

The NHS has shown support for research showing the potential benefits of biofield therapies for chronic diseases and health conditions. Reiki, for example, is recommended by National Health Service Trusts and The Prince of Wales Foundation for Integrated Health for the management of chronic disease. And, in 2015 Bart’s Health NHS Trust’s Complementary Therapies Service (CTS) established a Reiki therapy program for cancer and palliative care patients.


Are You Ready To Balance Your Biofield?

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